What do we have to bring with our pet when they board at Centre Barks?

We provide beds, bedding, bowls and food for your dogs, and litter trays and litter as well for your cats.

You do not need to bring anything with you, but if you would like to bring a blanket or t-shirt for your pet to have in their bed in kennel/pen, you are welcome to bring it with you. Please do not bring big beds or anything unnecessary as the dogs are more than happy with what we provide, and we don’t want any of your items to get dirty or ripped.

You are also welcome to bring your cat/dog’s own food with them rather than using what we supply.

Supplying your own food does not affect the boarding price, so it’s completely up to you whether you use ours.

The food we Stock for Dogs:

  • Harringtons Grain Free Dry Food
  • Wagg Complete Dry Food
  • Bakers Dry Food (Both adult and small dog biscuits)
  • Raw Food – A selection of Chicken, Beef, Tripe, Turkey and Salmon, please bring a defrosted block of raw with you when you drop your dog off, or let us know in advance that your dog will be using our raw so that we can defrost one.
  • Butchers Tinned Meat (Grain free and wholegrain)
  • Mixer Biscuits

The food we Stock for Cats:

  • Felix Pouches
  • Whiskas Pouches
  • Purina Chicken or Salmon Biscuits
  • Go Cat Biscuits
  • Sensitive Biscuits
  • Grain Free Biscuits
  • A selection of gourmet foods for fussier cats as needed.

We also have various treats available for your animals throughout the day so please make sure you let staff know on arrival if your dog has any intolerances or allergies, so we don’t cause any stomach upset unknowingly.

If we drop off in the afternoon, are we still charged for that day of boarding?

Yes – No matter the drop off time, you are charged for the day of arrival as we have the room reserved and waiting for your cat/dog all day. However, on the day of departure if you collect between 9-11am, you are not charged for that day. Therefore, we recommend dropping off in the morning slot so that you can make the most of your money. There are no exceptions to this pricing structure so please make sure you understand fully before booking in as the staff are not responsible for the pricing structure and you will be required to pay your full bill on departure.

How far in advance do we need to book?

We recommend booking as soon as you know the dates you will be going away. We currently do not take deposits for bookings, and we do not charge cancellation fees, so it is always recommended to book the space and then you can adjust the booking accordingly once you have sorted all your plans. During any time when schools are off (weekends, holidays, half-terms etc.) we get booked up very quickly, we do have a waiting list but there is no guarantee a space will become available. Please be aware that staff are not responsible for your lack of planning, and we do not tolerate any negative behaviour towards staff due to limited space for bookings. It is simply first come first served, and we cannot reserve any spaces.

Will my cat/dog be warm enough?

Yes, all cat pens and kennels are fully heated. The kennels has an underfloor and central heating system and the cat pens have their own heated pipes and heaters in the catteries. In summer we provide fans as well as having sufficient ventilation and cool areas to keep the animals as comfortable as possible in extreme conditions.

How do we find out how our cat/dog is getting on during their stay?

We update our social media accounts regularly with photo updates of all the animals allowed photos during their stay. If you would like specific questions answered e.g. if they are eating well, socialising well etc. then please message us on our social media, email or call us to talk to staff. Please rest assured that if we do have any concerns or notice any medical issues with your animals, we will contact you straight away to discuss. Also please be aware the staff are very busy looking after the animals all day and if photos have not been uploaded of your cat/dog yet, please be patient as we will get round to it and our priority is the animals themselves.

Are vaccinations compulsory?

Yes, annual vaccinations are compulsory for your dog/cat to board with us. We must have proof of vaccination for them to stay with us – either via email scan or bringing the physical copy in with you when you drop them off. Kennel cough is recommended for dogs but not compulsory, and if they have had the live kennel cough vaccine, they will not be able to board with us until 2-3 weeks after the vaccination. Please bear this in mind if your dog has regular kennel cough boosters or you are considering getting the kennel cough vaccine. Kennel cough is extremely rare in kennels and we have only had 1 spread of the virus over the last 7 years in which we isolated dogs appropriately.

If your cat/dog cannot be vaccinated due to vet approved reasons, they can board with us but we need a letter or email from your vet to explain he exemption. The cat pens are isolated from each other well, so your cat would just need to remain in their own pen with a thorough cleaning regime during the stay if they are unvaccinated. Dogs on the other hand would need to be put in an upstairs kennel as they are isolated via the uPVC kennel walls and doors, but they would be kept away from the other dogs boarding with us and toileted and exercised separately during their stay. This is to reduce the risk of health problems for all cats and dogs boarding with us, please understand.

How often is my dog walked and allowed to go in the play area?

All dogs are walked at least twice a day on-site and on a slip lead (unless otherwise requested). This is more of a toilet break and short walk due to their main exercise being their play time. All dogs get a play session every single day. We have 3 different enclosed and secure play areas where they go off lead and are always supervised by staff – one is inside for the smaller dogs, the dogs that would just like a cuddle on the sofa, or during periods of awful weather. The other 2 play areas are outside but again secure. If your dog is allowed to socialise, they will be joined by other off-lead dogs after supervised introductions first to ensure they all get along well together. The play areas are filled with toys and the dogs love sniffing, running around, and getting cuddles all together. In summer, we also fill the paddling pools to keep the dogs nice and cool! The play area session lengths vary on how occupied the kennels are, but are a minimum of 20 minutes, and the dogs are always ready to go back to their kennel at the end of their sessions.

However, as the owner, you must be aware of the risks when we socialise your dogs under your instruction – fights may occur despite staff supervision and therefore injuries are a risk factor. Owners are responsible for providing all necessary information and background to staff on arrival for how they socialise or don’t socialise with other dogs, though staff will use their own judgement and knowledge in the best interests of all the dogs within our care. Please understand if your dog is behaving aggressively to other dogs, staff will no longer socialise them for the safety of all dogs and staff.

Is it alright if my dog doesn’t get on with other dogs?

Yes absolutely, we understand that some dogs do not enjoy or tolerate walking or playing with other dogs. This is absolutely fine, they get the play area session all to themselves with a member of staff and will be walked individually. We are aware some dogs will be reactive to other dogs walking past their kennel, this is not a problem at all. The staff will eliminate the risk of any contact with the dog they are handling with any reactive dogs in the kennels, and will behave accordingly on walks and in the play area to ensure your dog is not stressed or triggered.

What’s the daily routine like for my cat/dog?

Cats: The first thing we do in the morning when we arrive is check on all the animals and prepare and distribute all their breakfasts and medications, removing any leftover foods, treats or bowls from the previous day. Then, we clean all their kennels and cat pens to a high standard. With the cats, staff simply clean the pen whilst navigating around them and giving them plenty of attention and fuss. Once all of the cat pens are cleaned as well as the walkway, it is time for the staff to make their way around giving all the cats playtime, stimulation, fuss and letting them explore. Cats are given their dinner in the late afternoon as well as medication as needed. The priority is making sure all the cats are comfortable, warm and loved. The cattery staff will work their magic with any nervous cats and will contact owners if they have any worries or concerns but they are in very good hands.

Dogs: The first thing we do in the morning when we arrive is check on all the animals and prepare and distribute all their breakfasts and medications, removing any leftover foods, treats or bowls from the previous day. Then, we clean all their kennels to a high standard. Dogs in upstairs kennels are walked whilst staff clean the kennel, the dogs downstairs have breakfast in their separate area of the kennel whilst the sleeping area is scrubbed with disinfectant and then dried. All animals get fresh bowls and water every morning and all empty food bowls are removed when finished. Then dogs are let back into the sleeping area whilst staff clean the outer areas of the kennel (the outside runs are all still inside, but dogs are more comfortable toileting in these areas than the sleeping area). Once the entire kennel is scrubbed clean and dried, the dog has access to both areas again. Then, staff will walk all of the dogs in the downstairs kennels (dogs in the upstairs kennels have already been walked). Once every single dog has been walked, it is then playtime! Staff organise groups of dogs based on size, gender and temperament and work their way through the groups and single play areas to ensure every dog has had a good play session. During this time, other staff are checking in new arrivals, checking out dogs leaving that day, deep cleaning kennels, bathing dogs as required and doing multiple other daily jobs to ensure our high standards are maintained. It is then time for all the dogs to be walked again, and then they are fed dinner and medications before staff leave for the day. All staff are trained and qualified to care for your dogs, they know them very well and always have their best interests in mind.

What happens if my cat/dog becomes ill or injured whilst boarding?

We will always contact the owner before taking any action with medical concerns/problems. We then follow the owner’s wishes for the next steps e.g. vet trip, keeping an eye etc., if we cannot get in touch with the owner or an emergency contact, we will use our own judgement to decide whether a vet trip is needed or whether we can wait for contact from the owner. Owners are responsible for paying any necessary vet bills when they come to collect at the end of the stay. Any concerns at all we have about behaviour, medication or health we will always contact the owner to discuss.

My cat/dog has medication – are they still alright to board?

Yes absolutely, staff are comfortable administering any medications, creams, supplements etc. as the correct instructions and any appropriate demonstration is provided by the owners on drop off. Please make sure you let the staff know on arrival when their last medication was administered. The only thing we do not offer is insulin injections for diabetic cats.

Are there any staff present in the kennels/cattery overnight?

Staff leave at various times for the day, but 6pm is the latest end of shift time. The owners of the premises live on-site and can visit the animals to check on them, but once staff have left there are no more walks or feeds until the next morning. We know this is a concern for most owners, but is the reality of kennels. We assure you, when staff leave the building is silent, as all of the cats are cosy in their beds and all of the dogs are exhausted from the day’s activities and stimulation, and also safely asleep in their individual kennels. We have CCTV throughout and surrounding the building for security and safety reasons, smoke alarms fitted throughout and fire extinguishers in designated areas. We have motion sensor alarms as well as all the premises being locked safely, so all of the animals are safe whilst they sleep and then we are back again from around 7am to start the daily routine again.

What are the prices?

Here is are our prices. Please let us know if you have any questions. Click the image to expand it

How do I book?

Use the contact details on the homepage to book or get in touch, or contact us through our Facebook or Instagram pages